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The superfinishing devices from techno-finish Industries GmbH meets the highest requirements for quality, process reliability and economic efficiency.

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Superfinishing technology

Our latest-generation tapefinisher G2-50S and G2-50L meet the highest quality and process reliability requirements for the superfinishing and microfinishing processes.

Diameter from 100mm - 160mm

Solid engineering allows our belt finisher to accommodate 100mm large rolls up to 160mm diameter.

Doubling the operating time

With the inclusion, we double the operating time until a belt change.

Two-stage superfinishing process

With a two-stage finishing process or simultaneous finishing with opposite finishing devices, the belt direction can be easily changed.

Superfinishing devices tape finisher g2 series

Innovation, quality and process reliability

Eco-Line E4-200

Innovative belt system

Thanks to the innovative belt measuring system, process reliability can be increased in production plants and belt consumption can be measured precisely. This enables us to reduce grinding film consumption by up to 40% for large series. The belt feed can be entered digitally on a screen (HMI touch panel) or via the PLC software in m/min. Therefore, through precise measurement control, the same amount of tape is also consumed for all finish parts, regardless of whether the winding roll is 30 mm in diameter or 160 mm.

Resistant devices with high quality

The entire belt finisher is manufactured in Switzerland and equipped with high-quality components. Precise manufacturing and assembly guarantee a long service life and high process reliability of the finished surfaces. The single-sided finishing heads are installed as standard and enable superfinishing up to a flange. The oscillation speed can also be entered digitally and thus also contributes to increasing process reliability. Amplitude sizes are preset by us ex works, possible sizes are 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 5mm.

Process-safe surfaces

Our G2 belt finishers controlled by PLC control and software systems produce consistent and homogeneous surface structures. By monitoring a wide range of parameters, such as the contact pressure, belt feed and oscillation, process-reliable and consistent results can be achieved. The G2 strip finishing units can be installed in lines or used as mobile strip finishing units. The G2-50 is designed for strip widths up to 80mm and the larger model G2-100 for 100-150mm.

Surface finish

The advantages of the superfinishing process


Less frictional resistance


Less wear


Lower noise levels


Low energy costs


Simple and safe application


Short processing time


Low tool costs


Low investment costs


High flexibility


Reduction of surface roughness


Increase of the load-bearing capacity to over 90 % due to plateau-like surface structure


Improved roundness, waviness and thus reduced shape deviations

Digitise your processes

Digitisation through PLC software

The fourth industrial revolution has reached the superfinishing technology. Customers want the digital integration capability of equipment and machines to their existing software systems (ERP software). Digital connections, solutions and the implementation of industry standard 4.0 are more in demand than ever. With the PLC software, the fourth industrial revolution is integrated into our product portfolio and from now on we can provide processes for surface finishing even more economically, reliably and cost-effectively.


Check and control PLC controls with the software

In order to optimise processes for surface finishing, software systems for our Siemens S7 controllers are used.

Application purposes for machines and systems:

  • Easy capture of quality data in Excel or text format
  • Simultaneous configuration of several PLC controls possible (digital control of machinery and plant parks)
  • Back up and restore data from multiple tape finishers

Affordable PLC software

Our PLC software is a cost-effective way to read out or read in data in Excel or text format with our S7 PLC controls from Siemens or Beckhoff. Simple operation and the clear programme interface enable quick results. The customer retains full control and, thanks to the innovative trigger concept, decides which data is to be read out or written. The integrated simulator allows you to set up and test your own configurations without a connected PLC control. The live data view shows you the currently read data blocks live. This view differs only slightly from the simulator. In contrast to the simulator, you cannot write any data: Only values are displayed.

Eco-Line E4-200

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