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The advantages of subcontracting results in flexibility, cost efficiency, specialization, time savings, resource savings and scalability.

Subcontracting brings you many advantages


Not all production steps in the optimization of surface finishes are or can be carried out in the value-added process of the own company if the number of workpieces to be processed is too small. In this case, certain work steps are carried out outside the company. Another reason can be upcoming capacity bottlenecks or there are specifications for technological processes that must be met and are therefore done outside the company’s core competence.
In most cases, this is the last stage of surface finishing, the so-called surface superfinishing.

techno-finish Industries GmbH is specialized in surface technology, with its own belt finishing devices and subcontracting services. We have over 20 years of know-how in superfinishing and surface technology, so we know exactly what we are talking about.
Subcontracting offers an important and flexible alternative to in-house processing.

As a service provider and specialist in belt finishing technology, we are able to process the surface structures and surface roughnesses you require economically, reliably and cost-effectively with our in-house finishing equipment and machines.

Our employees have decades of experience and make use of the latest technological developments and innovations. Accuracy and highest precision are our top priorities. For this purpose, the results in terms of surface (Ra, Rz, Rpk, Rvk), bearing part (Tpi), flatness, etc. are clearly documented and handed over.

The finishing operations are carried out exclusively by our own staff and only the equipment and machines produced by the company itself are used. Confidentiality of information and customer data is also our top priority.

Your advantages with external subcontracting

Subcontracting as a service has several advantages over selling products that can do the same work:

  • Flexibility: subcontracting allows companies to order work only when it is needed, rather than buying and stockpiling large quantities of products in advance.
  • Cost efficiency: subcontracting can be more cost-effective in many cases because there are no capital costs for equipment and materials, and the cost of labor and materials can be allocated directly to the actual work.
  • Specialization: subcontracting allows companies to have specialized work performed by experienced professionals who have the necessary skills and equipment to ensure high-quality work.
  • Time savings: subcontracting allows companies to save time by delegating work to outside contractors instead of doing it themselves.
  • Resource Savings: subcontracting allows companies to save resources such as personnel, equipment, and materials that would otherwise be required to perform the work.
  • Scalability: subcontracting allows companies to easily increase or decrease the amount of work, as required, without impacting their own production capacity.

We provide comprehensive advice on your requirements and work with you to develop the optimal process for surface finishing. We offer a fast customer service and do express work at short notice if requested. Our actions are based on long-term and permanent customer relations, and we want to offer reliable and reasonable solutions for our customers.

The advantages of the superfinishing process


less friction resistance


less wear


lower noise levels


low energy costs


simple and safe application


short processing time


low tool costs


low investment costs


hohe Flexibilität


Reduction of surface roughness


Increase in load-bearing capacity to over 90 % due to plateau-like surface structure


Improved roundness, waviness and thus reduced shape deviations

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