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Retrofitting could be an alternative option to buying new equipment for companies

Retrofitting as alternative option for companies

Retrofitting renews, modernises or operates the expansion of existing, usually older systems and equipment.

Objectives that can be achieved with retrofitting:


  • Extending the service life of equipment and machines
  • Increase in production volume and product quality
  • Saving energy through higher efficiency of the plant
  • Securing the supply of spare parts
  • Implementation of the fourth industry revolution

What are the reasons for this?

For existing units and systems, retrofitting can make more sense than replacing them with a new unit. By replacing worn components or incorporating technological advancements, existing tape finishing devices can be brought back up to date and modernised. An additional benefit for the customer is the implementation of PLC software (integration of a QM, automation and control of the unit via the software) to the PLC control units and the associated increase in productivity.

Retrofitting for companies

How do we proceed?

The focus of the retrofit is the analysis of the belt finishing equipment and systems that are to be retrofitted, as well as the analysis of the existing processes. We collect the relevant data and show where a retrofit of the equipment and plants can really create added value. From our point of view, setting up a communication interface that collects the data from the belt finishing equipment and makes it available for data for evaluation and enables the automation of processes via the software always generates added value for our customers. Ask us for a no-obligation consultation.

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