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Robo-line E4-100 plant

Complete machine with a pick-and-place robot


Robo-line E4-100 superfinishing tapefinisher system

Roboline E4-100 Superfinish Anlage

Robo-line E4-100 tape finishing system sets new standards

The Robo-line E4-100 tape finishing line is a complete machine with four work spindles and very high productivity. The fully interlinked finishing cell with a continuously open machining area is designed for all rotary parts and can process up to four strip stages in succession. The innovative machine concept allows parts to be loaded via a gantry loader or robot. Alternatively, parts can be fed to the machining station via a belt and lift station for further transport. For large series, we can also add the appropriate stacking and de-stacking units.

The Robo-line E4-100 tape finishing system is ideal for polishing and structuring the surfaces of hard chrome plated shafts or shafts and pistons. You can also achieve 100% twist-free sealing and bearing surfaces in just a few seconds with the process-safe belt finishing technology. All materials can be quickly and reliably finished to the required surface roughness after grinding or hard turning. Another advantage is the consistent and homogeneous surface structure of the finished parts.

Innovative control technology

The eco-line E4-100 tape finishing line has a Siemens control system and Siemens Touch for easy operation. All programming is intuitive and very user-friendly. Many products can be stored and recalled or even monitored via the Profibus system. For operation, there is a 3 level password protection for processing security. For operators, team leaders and service there are locked, active and passive input fields that can be set by the customer.

The above-mentioned eco-line E4-100 tape finishing system is modular and can therefore be adapted to all customer requirements with a very good price/performance ratio.

A powerful FW155 filter cart with a large area fine filter can be placed under the line to save space. The filter cart is equipped with an optical pressure gauge and float switches for level control. A flow meter can also be installed to report oil flow to the control system. The filter cart is mounted on rollers and can be removed from the plugs for cleaning and moved to the cleaning station without tools.

In our belt finishing lines, we use the innovative G2 tapefinishers, which with all their innovations are ideally suited to our lines.

We would be pleased to convince you with our consulting service or a sample. We are also happy to produce your sample series in our job shop.

Machine specifications

max. workpiece length: 150 mm
max. workpiece diameter: 60 mm
Workpiece loading: top, front
Spindle speed: 250 –3800 U/min
Drive power: Spindle motor 1.1 kW
Operating voltage: 3 x 400 VAC
Control: Siemens S7 300
Screen: Simatic Mobil Panel 277
Feed: Pallet changer 6-fold
Autonomy: up to 5 hours
Annual production: 1’500’000 Parts
Number of formats: 10 different components
(short set-up time)
Length: 2200 mm
Width: 1600 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Weight: 2185  kg


Cooling lubrication: Filter unit with filter cartridges
Cooling lubricant: Emulsion, oil
Program language: Multilingual
Control: Siemens touch panel colored
Placement: Kuka Roboter KR 6 R900


    User Interface: Siemens touch panel colored
    Robotertyp: Kuka Roboter KR6 900
    Parameter inputs Digital with monitoring
    Pneumatic adjustment: Through control cabinet

    Further information

    Delivery times: 10 – 12 weeks
    Payment options: by invoice
    Terms of payment: A payment plan is defined
    Warranty: 2 years
    Production country: Switzerland
    Configurable on demand: Yes, with additional costs
    Industries: Automotive, Watches, Printing, Aerospace, Hydraulic & Pneumatic and Medical Industries


    Video Robo-line E4-100 plant


    PLC control

    PLC control cabinet Siemens S7-1500

    All parameters are entered and monitored digitally. All pneumatic settings can be made directly on the control cabinet. The control cabinet can be used either on the machine itself or as a stand-alone input terminal.

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