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Pipefinisher RF300

The pipefinisher for tubes as installation in grinding and turning machines.

Device type

Pipefinisher RF 300

The pipefinisher RF300 from techno-finish Industries GmbH has a very compact design and is suitable for internal surfaces from a diameter of 250 mm. Thanks to the IP67 protection class, it is very well suited for wet processing. The device can be installed very easily in CNC machines and other large systems without any additional effort. The RF 300 Pipefinisher is specially designed for processing pipes, round bars and other cylindrical objects. The Pipefinisher uses abrasive belts and improves the inside and outside diameters, edges and surfaces of pipes and other cylindrical parts.

Our pipefinisher RF300, like the other unit models, is built with standard commercial elements and can be easily adapted to your specific requirements. The tube processing unit also offers you high flexibility and economy when using custom-made products.

Machine specifications

Oscillation frequency: 0–60 Hz
Oscillation stroke: +/-0.25 – +/-1.0mm
Belt feed: 30–150 mm/min
Compressed air: max: 0.8 MPa
Weight: 12 kg
Contact stroke: 10 mm
Press roll widths: 15 mm to 50 mm
Machining diameter: At least 280 mm
Roll hardness: 35°, 50°, 65°, 80°
Contact pressure max: 270 N
Operating voltage: 24V DC
Degree of protection: IP67

Further information

Delivery times: 8 weeks
Payment options:P Purchase by invoice
Terms of payment: 30 days after purchase
Warranty: 2 years
Production country: Switzerland
Configurable on demand: Yes, with additional costs
Industries: Automotive, Watches, Hydraulic & Pneumatic and Medical Industries

What is Superfinishing?

Superfinishing is a material-removing manufacturing process. Optimum surface finish of various machine components is becoming increasingly important and offers unique advantages. The complete surface contact between tool and workpiece is the main difference to classical grinding and turning and leads to the unique characteristics of an optimal surface. Due to the interaction of workpiece rotation and workpiece oscillation, a single grain moves along the sine line, which is characteristic of this process. Bonded abrasives are used in a fixed bond, such as ceramic, or on a flexible backing, such as a textile belt.

This type of superfinishing (surface treatment) optimizes the roughness and waviness of various workpieces, thus reducing wear, generating less friction, lower noise level and increasing the load-bearing capacity of the material to over 90% due to plateau-like surface structure.


PLC control

PLC control cabinet Siemens S7-1500

All parameters are entered and monitored digitally. All pneumatic settings can be made directly at the control cabinet. The control cabinet can be used either on the machine itself or as a stand-alone input terminal.

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