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Superfinish station G2 with internal and external charger

Robust, durable and powerful production equipment with integrated automation

 External loader

Superfinish Station G2 mit externen Lader

Eco-line machines with an external loader are mainly used when powerful and inexpensive production machines are required at very short notice. This is made possible by a flexible and modular machine concept and the consistent use of existing components.

All techno-finish eco-line machines can be loaded and unloaded manually or by means of a gantry loader or robot. This guarantees economical parts handling at all times, from one-off production to series production.

In addition to shaft-shaped workpieces such as eccentric, gear and cam shafts, racks and the flat surface on sealing rings, valve tappets and thrust washers can also be finished without difficulty. In principle, all materials, from soft steel to super-hard ceramics, can be finished.

 Integrated loader

Superfinish Station G2 mit externen Lader

Automatiosation advantages due to external loader


Best price-performance ratio for your customers


Short production and delivery times


State-of-the-art finishing technology


Production optimization




Near-series production, contract manufacturing



SPS-Steuerschrank Siemens S7-1500

Alle Parameter werden digital eingegeben und überwacht. Alle pneumatischen Einstellungen können direkt am Steuerschrank vorgenommen werden. Der Steuerschrank kann entweder an der Maschine selbst oder als selbstständiger Eingabeterminal verwendet werden. 

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