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Rent, buy or hire-purchase

Find out the best form of financing for you

Why rent or hire purchase

Why rent or hire-purchase suits your business

You want the best technology at the best monthly price?

Forget high acquisition costs and lengthy financing contracts. By reusing equipment, we can offer our equipment at a lower price than financing providers. Plus, you need to stay flexible in the length of your contract.

You just want to try our tape finisher G2-50?

Rent our devices for as little as one month and find out whether the device meets your requirements before you decide to buy it. Return shipping and handling are free of charge.

You want to use technology more sustainably?

By re-renting the equipment, technology waste is saved with every rental. We always equip the equipment with the latest technology and use the equipment sustainably and without additional environmental impact. Return shipment is free of charge. Better for you, better for the environment!


Available Superfinish devices

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rent/lease-purchase?


Financing flexibility


Lower upfront costs


Linear amortisation


Maintenance costs included




Transfer of ownership at the end of the term


Recurring rent payments

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