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Surface Technology

Process capable surfaces through innovation - the band-finisher G2 sets new standards

The new band-finisher G2 sets new standards for quality and process safety. Thanks to modern and compact engineering, the new band-finisher G2 is able to hold 100m jumbo rolls up to a diameter of 160mm and double the operating time until a change in bands through that. For the use with a two-stage finishing process or the simultaneous finishing with opposite finishing machines, the direction of the band can just be changed.

Innovative band measuring system

Thanks to the innovative band measuring system, the process safety can be increased in manufacturing facilities and the consumption of band can be measured precisely. Thus the use of abrasive film in large-scale productions can be reduced by up to 40%. The coil feed can be entered digitally on a display in m/min. Through a precise measuring control also the same amount of band is thus used for all finishing parts, no matter if the winding roll has 30mm or 160mm diameter.

Long-living Swiss quality

The whole band-finisher is produced in Switzerland and equipped with high-quality components. The precise fabrication and assembly guarantee a long durability and a high process safety of the finished surfaces. The precise finish-heads mounted on one side are implemented by default, and allow the finishing until a flange. The oscillation speed can also be entered digitally and thus contributes to the increase of the process safety too. The magnitude of the amplitude is preset from us ex works, possible lengths are 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 5mm.

Process capable surfaces

Thanks to the digital input of coil feed and oscillation, you can generate constant and homogenous surface structures. You also have the possibility to control the contact pressure through a pressure monitor built in the band-finishing device, so that you can always work with the same surface pressure. You can integrate these band-finishing devices G2 in facilities or use them as mobile band-finishing unit. The band-finisher G2 is designed for band widths up to 55mm.

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